New-years resolutions for 2008

Albeit a bit too late, here are the plans for this year:

Become Zend Certified
I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now, and the first step has been taken to actually get the certification, so this would be a short-term plan (withing the next 3 months or so). I don’t really need this for my current work but it’s a nice recognition and about the only official certificate that indicates a certain level of PHP knowledge.

Learn more about one or more enterprise PHP frameworks
I’ve had some experience with the Zend Framework and recently Symfony, and I believe there is a definite advantage in using such a professional framework, asides from being able to contribute back to the community in various ways. As I’ve had the opportunity to use Symfony in a current project I’m working on, that will probably be the first framework that I’ll want to dig into a little deeper. Good and thorough knowledge of a framework is always interesting, for multiple reasons.

Do some sports
Lately the most exercise I have is walking from and to my car. Approximately 2 years ago I frequently visited the gym and that’s a habit I’d like to pick up again. Lose weight, exercise, probably one of the most heard new-years resolutions.

Attend at least two PHP, OSS or Linux conferences this year
Actually, this is more or less taken care of. In february you can find me at Fosdem in Brussels and in november this year I’ll be happy to return to the International PHP Conference in Frankfurt (for which I received a free full-conference entrance pass!). Any other interesting conference is of course welcome (the Dutch PHP conference looks cool and is in my native language).

Settle in my new appartment
Probably around next month I’ll move in my new apartment. This will be a good opportunity to buy new furniture and have a nice place to stay. The whole move will probably take some time, and this is also planned for this year.

PECL and php extensions
Since 2 months I like to do some work on php extensions in my spare time. I As I’ve just started in creating php extensions, it’s not sure whether I’ll get far enough to actually contribute something useful. It’s definitely more difficult if you don’t have a decent C background, but I get the basics and you’ll learn a lot of the inner workings of PHP and the Zend core engine. At least I now know what a zval is :)

Let’s get back at this post at the end of 2008, and give myself a brief self-evalutation :)
But for the time coming, this is my personal todo list that I’d like to work on.