MacHeist bundle, get it while it’s hot

In case you didn’t heard the buzz yet about MacHeist:

Check out the mac application bundle you can get for a very low price. Currently, there are 14 unlocked applications for only $49. The normal price of the apps altogether would be around $500, so it’s definitely worth checking out! Referrers get an extra bonus, so by using the link to the application bundle above, you would be making me happy :)

And what’s more, aside from supporting the indie mac developer, 25% of your purchase goes to a charity of your choice. Ain’t that cool or what? Only 2 days left to order, so be quick if you have your mind set on some of those applications.

To give an example of what you’ll be getting: CSSEdit, AppZapper, Speed Download, iStopMotion, Wingnuts 2 and more.