PHP London 2008, an overview

I’m just back from PHP London 2008 Conference, where I had a lot of fun and could attend interesting talks. 

After I arrived at about 8:15 in the Inmarsat conference building, I realised I was way too early. Not a problem at all, that gave me the time to have a look around at the different conference rooms and where the catering is located. Always look for the quickest way to grab a cup of coffee :)

The presentation I was looking forward to the most was Ivo Jansch‘s talk about Enterprise PHP. It was a great talk with a very easy to understand analogy to bricks and buildings (maybe Ibuildings? :) ), which made this humorous talk one to enjoy. It does overview the key points of enterprise development very well, which definitely got me (even more) interested in his upcoming book about Enterprise PHP development. Imho, there’s totally not enough ‘awareness’ of using PHP in an enterprise environment, so everything that changes this is a good thing!

Next up were the guys from vBulletin (Scott MacVicar and Mike Sullivan), giving a talk about their experiences while being on the vBulletin team for a couple of years already. For some points, they elaborated on what Ivo just skimmed on at the talk before, but they also gave some interesting insights on what problems and issues you could encounter while developing such a big project.

Of course I’ve been waiting for the Frameworks panel discussion too, having experience with 2 out of 3 discussed frameworks (Zend Framework and Symfony that is), I was looking forward to what items they would bring that made ‘My framework better than yours’. I actually liked the total lack of flaming and instead having a nice overview of where the framework in question shines and what the strengths of it were.

The last talk on the planning was Derick Rethans, presenting a keynote about his experiences with PHP in all those years that PHP has grown from a little personal script to help Rasmus out, to a mature, object-oriented language that can be used in a multitude of environments. Too bad we weren’t able to attend the whole keynote as we had a a Eurostar train to catch. I did already see this presentation at the Internation PHP Conference 2007 , and it was nice to see that parts of the presentation were updated.

In general, this was a very good (but way to short) conference.I definitely had a lot of fun, met various interesting people and enjoyed the presentations and talks that were given.