PHPBelgium: first meeting report

PHPBelgium community logoYesterday we had our first PHPBelgium PHP community meeting, organized by Michelangelo van dam and me. It was planned on 27th of may 2008, located in GC De Zandloper, Wemmel, Belgium.

With about 13 people on the RSVP list, we were quite pleased to see that much interest in an event we actually only announced a week ago :-) But because of the short notice, and also due to a related event in the Netherlands, some people had to cancel, which we of course understand. In the end, about 6 people attended the meeting (us included), but it was a very happy group, and we had a lot of fun.

First we introduced ourselves with a presentation we made (which can be viewed below, or on SlideShare). Then a general discussion about PHP came along, where we talked about PHP in Belgium, possible topics for future events, extension writing in PHP, Unit testing, PHPT testing, Guitar Hero (no kidding!) and more.

Quite some pictures were made, which can be found on Flickr. If you have interest in attending our next event (we’re organizing one event every 2 months), please have a look at our website at and subscribe to the RSS feed, visit us on IRC on the server, channel #php_bnl or follow @phpbelgium on twitter.

Thanks for everyone who could attend, and to everybody: see you next time!