php|architect’s Guide to Enterprise PHP Development

There’s a new book available for pre-order on the php|architect website, titled php|architect’s Guide to Enterprise PHP Development, by Ivo Jansch of Ibuildings.

This book is great for anyone who’s interested in learning how to use PHP in an enterprise environment. It has every step on the way covered, such as planning, development tools, deployment and much more. If you’re (planning on) using PHP in your company, this book is going to prove invaluable for everyone involved in the development process, going from developers to development managers or project managers. I believe pretty much everyone involved with software development can benefit from a book like this.

Also, as far as I know, it’s the first book ever on enterprise PHP development specializing on this subject. There still aren’t that much resources available around on enterprise PHP development, so I expect this book to be very popular on the PHP developer’s bookshelf. I definitively pre-ordered mine already! ;-)