EmPHPower for PHP

I’ve been following Lukas‘ posts and news about EmPHPower for a while now, with great interest. To quote the mission statement:

emPHPower is a mediator and catalyst that empowers members of the community to follow their own ideas

This seems like a great initiative to me. Basically with the same views and motivations, we (Mike and me) have started PHPBelgium, to advocate the use of PHP with developers, companies and educators.

While our initiative is mostly regional (Belgium and to some extent, the Netherlands), emPHPower aims to be a central place to advocate and promote the use of PHP. It wants to connect PHP Core devs, companies and end users by providing a general platform (as a mediator) for them.

I fully support such initiatives (as I’ve been doing same things but for Belgium then) and hope this works out and actually will turn into something that helps every party involved. If there is something that can be done, I’d be glad to help out. In the end, this’ll create more visibility for PHP as a serious alternative, provide a place to go to as a company that wants to use/sponsor/develop PHP, and much more. PHP TestFest is an example that I believe could fall under organization of emPHPower.

Please note that emPHPower is currently just an idea. By the end of the year, if things look feasible, Lukas will actually start and take things further for emPHPower.

If you want to have a short overview of what emPHPower aims to be, have a look at this presentation