08/08/08 and the day PHP 4 has gone

PHPToday is 08/08/08 and I like this day, especially since every last bit of support for PHP 4 is now over. PHP 4.4.9 has been released and it’s the last PHP 4 release you’ll ever get to see. Yes, even in case of security holes PHP 4 won’t be updated anymore and everyone is strongly suggested to update to PHP 5.

Have a look at your current PHP applications, and if any of them are running on PHP 4, think of the consequences. A security hole could be found and no one will be there to help you out. Your site will be vulnerable until the point you decide to take the step to PHP 5, benefit of all the new goodies on the way and can sleep tight again. If you’re not sure how to tackle the upgrade, have a look at Stefan Priebsch’s book on PHP 5 migration.

PHP 5.2.6 is now the latest stable version. Unlike PHP 4, it has a proper object model, SPL, Exceptions, PDO and much more. PHP 5.3 alpha 1 has just been released into the wild, with support for namespaces, late static binding, closures and lambdas, phar, new (or newly bundled) extensions, and it’s a pleasure to use. PHP 6 is in ongoing development, with full unicode support as one of the main features. Guess it’s time to let go of old stuff, RIP PHP 4. Isn’t that sweet :-)