PHPBelgium meeting 20/08/’08 review

PHPBelgium logoLast night PHPBelgium organized the second meeting since it was founded. It was located at the auditorium of the Artevelde college in Ghent, which seemed to be a very good but unfortunately hard-to-find venue. The meeting schedule was packed, but we had a lot of fun stuff to announce so we tried our best to fit it all in a 2 hour timescheme. We had about 31 attendees, which is a success given the fact that our last meeting only had 4 people!

First off, we could announce some of the things we have accomplished, such as organizing a PHP TestFest together with the phpGG. Then, Ivo Jansch (one of our attendees!) was kind enough to raffle off a signed copy of his new book (“Guide to Enterprise PHP Development“) to one lucky person in the audience. A good way to start off the talks :-)

The first talk was given by me, and was called “Improved PHP development“. It takes a look at the different ways, methods and tools to improve your PHP development and take PHP development to a new level. Even though the talk was actually too long, the subject was very broad and could very well have taken a whole day to talk about. My intent was actually not to do this but have an overview of what can be done. I’m definitely planning more in-depth tutorials and talks for any of the subjects that were presented.

After a coffee break, we continued with Michelangelo van dam‘s talk on Extending Zend Framework. This presentation explained how you can extend Zend Framework classes to adapt them to your own needs. An example of this was the Zend_Translate adapter for storing translations in a database. A translation view helper was made to have this new translating functionality available in the view. It was an insightful and practical talk on what is possible with Zend Framework.

Next up, we raffled off an elePHPant using a random number generating php script. One elePHPant now has a home with a happy new owner ;-)

To close the evening, we had one last special announcement to make: we were able to give away a free ZendCon ticket to one of the attendees! Of all the people that attended the meeting, some were interested (and could actually make the nessecary arrangements in such short notice!), so we had a question about one of our talks, with an extra question to make up the winner in case there was more than one correct answer. We’re happy to announce that Juliette Reinders Folmer has the opportunity to meet up with her fellow phpwomen collegues next month in Santa Clara, CA!

We all had a drink afterwards, lots of people got to meet eachother and there was a really happy mood. All things considered, we’ve done pretty good for a second event, and we can’t wait to organise more events, workshops and meetings like this in the near future! Thanks to everyone that could attend, and help spread the word to make PHP gain in the popularity it deserves! See you next time!