Ibuildings announces ‘PHP Center of Expertise’

Ibuildings, the PHP professionals, had another great announcement to make today. Being the innovative company they are, they announced the ‘PHP Center of Expertise’. Ibuildings has a lot of very talented, community-involved people working over there and they have a great way of interacting with that PHP community through support for user groups and organizing conferences or seminars. And that’s where the PHP Center of Expertise kicks in to bring those activities to the next level.

The PHP Center of Expertise (which isn’t a definitive name) will deal with all activities that involve PHP expertise, knowledge or community interaction. For example (from the Ibuildings blog):

  • Contributing to/supporting open source projects
  • Supporting user groups/communities
  • Organizing conferences/seminars
  • Developing training material
  • Forming and maintaining partnerships
  • Developing professional services

About every point on the list is already something I’m loving to do in my spare time, and to see that Ibuildings is actually serious enough about those subjects to start a whole new department for it is great. I see fun initiatives where community members could actually cooperate to produce a knowledge platform that helps everyone in the PHP community forward. Michelangelo van Dam already suggested doing podcasts, to give an example.

They already rock in being the number one PHP development and services company, and it’s just refreshing to see that they give back to the community in such a way. It’s a kind of mindset that you don’t encounter much with similar companies, but Ibuildings does it and is pretty successful in it. I’m curious to see the new expertise center initiative grow in the coming months!