Dutch PHP Conference 2009 dates!

As ever, I’m excited for a new year, and with that comes a new year of PHP conferences. Last year, the Dutch PHP Conference really amazed me with their speakers, talks, organization and location. I got to know exciting new technologies, met a lot of new friends and got to see old friends again. Add the amazing social events (that was a memorable football match, france vs the netherlands!) to the mix and you get the recipe for a superb PHP conference.

Of course the good folks at Ibuildings will be organising the Dutch PHP Conference (DPC) again in 2009, and the dates are known! So grab your agendas and put a big mark on June 11-13 2009 (that’s right, 3 days of conference goodness!). That’s all there is for now, but more details will undoubtly follow.

One thing that I’m particularly proud of: last year I could only admire a company that provides professional PHP services, is very active in the PHP community and delivers a top-notch PHP conference. This year however, I can say that since recently, I’ve joined Ibuildings. Seeing how they are engaged in enterprise PHP and everything around it makes me feel glad about the choice I’ve made to join ’em.

One response to “Dutch PHP Conference 2009 dates!”

  1. Felix, can you spell “F-A-S-T-F-O-O-D M-A-R-A-T-H-O-N”? Steve should definitely join us on this one again! We had some great fun last year!