Goodbye Ibuildings, hello Egeniq

A couple of years ago, when I joined Ibuildings, it was because I had a passion for PHP and the PHP community, and Ibuildings was THE company embodying this spirit. I’ve got the opportunity to work at some of the most amazing projects, and met some of the smartest people in PHP-land. However since about a year, I’ve noticed my interests shifting a lot to mobile and mobile development. Of course I’m still as passionate about PHP as I was a few years ago, but I feel that mobile development is quite close to web development in a couple of ways, especially nowadays when people often expect to have internet available at all times. After focussing more and more on mobile development and seeing a huge future in it, I decided it was time for me to move on and leave Ibuildings.

To better match my combined interest of PHP and mobile development, I decided to join Egeniq. For those who don’t know Egeniq, they’re an awesome mobile technology company, founded 7 months ago by my former colleagues PeterBas and Ivo. Other than your average mobile app shop, they focus on proper software engineering, architecture, performance and scalability. They build on the years of experience they have in the PHP world and bring that expertise to the mobile business. They’re also really into geek stuff, and mobile devices fit nicely into that category, too :-)

Even though deciding on leaving Ibuildings was probably the hardest career decision I ever had to make, I very much look forward playing around with all things mobile and working closely with my former colleagues again. Exciting! :-) I’d like to thank Ibuildings for the opportunities they gave me and all the wonderful people over there, from whom I’ve learned so much. I will be at Ibuildings until the end of April, starting at Egeniq at the start of May.

This is quite a big step, and I thought about taking this step for a long time. But you know you should pursue something, if you have a very strong gut feeling that you just need to do this. The feeling that, if you don’t do this, you will regret it. The feeling that you get when considering all the pros and cons, but deep down inside yourself you know you already made up your mind. It goes without saying that I’m very much looking forward to the new things to come at Egeniq!

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9 responses to “Goodbye Ibuildings, hello Egeniq”

  1. A passionate PHP guy joining a passionate team. It is bound to give fireworks. Can’t wait to see all that magic released into the app stores! I applaud people who follow and pursue their dreams, if your gut says GO full speed ahead, just GO! Congrats Felix!

  2. When we founded Egeniq, we were joking:
    “Who would be the ideal candidate to become our next colleague?”

    That was six months ago. Guess what? :)

    Let’s go, and kick some ass!

    Welcome on board Felix!