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  • Goodbye Ibuildings, hello Egeniq

    A couple of years ago, when I joined Ibuildings, it was because I had a passion for PHP and the PHP community, and Ibuildings was THE┬ácompany embodying this spirit. I’ve got the opportunity to work at some of the most amazing projects, and met some of the smartest people in PHP-land. However since about a […]

  • Funny Rails trac ticket

    This is just too funny not to blog about: be sure to read the attachment right and have a look at the comments :)

  • New-years resolutions for 2008

    Albeit a bit too late, here are the plans for this year: Become Zend Certified I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now, and the first step has been taken to actually get the certification, so this would be a short-term plan (withing the next 3 months or so). I don’t really need […]

  • And off we go

    This will be a weblog about programming, PHP, open-source and linux. So, with that being said, have fun reading and a happy new year!