Category: Linux

  • Easy subdomains with mod_rewrite

    Because I like to play with a lot of projects and code, I create subdomains for almost every day. Instead of going through the hassle of creating a CNAME or A record for every subdomain, creating an Apache vhost file and enabling it and creating the necessary directory structure, I figured there’s an easier […]

  • Fosdem 2008

  • iTunes music sharing in Linux with Banshee and DAAP

    This one is actually much simpler than I’ve anticipated. It’s what needs to be done if you are on Linux and want to share your music with the ‘Bonjour’ protocol from Apple, to make your music appear on another computer in iTunes as shared music. You don’t need the iTunes application for sharing, a music […]

  • About attaching and detaching Xen domU mounts

    If you ever need to replace a mount of a Xen domU guest without rebooting the server, you can’t just remount it and be done. In my case, I needed to increase the size of the swap file a certain DomU was using. Independent from mounting or unmounting a partition inside the DomU, Xen saves […]