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  • Goodbye Ibuildings, hello Egeniq

    A couple of years ago, when I joined Ibuildings, it was because I had a passion for PHP and the PHP community, and Ibuildings was THE company embodying this spirit. I’ve got the opportunity to work at some of the most amazing projects, and met some of the smartest people in PHP-land. However since about a […]

  • Using git-svn: making the switch

    A lot of people are already convinced that Git has a good chance of replacing Subversion as the version control system of your choice in the long run. Git is in most ways far superior to SVN (If you want to know why, have a look at this comparison). The feeling that Git is the way to […]

  • phpDay Italia 2010

    First things first: looking at the post date, it’s been more than a year since my last post. No excuses here, it’s just how it is. I’ll try to post a bit more often, but can’t promise anything :) A while ago, I was invited to phpDay 2010 to speak about a subject I like […]

  • PHP UK Conference review

    The past days I’ve been in London to attend the PHP UK Conference 2009. I’ve been to the previous edition which I liked very much and thanks to my employer, I was able to go to this year’s conference too. No conference is a real PHP conference without the pre- and post-conference socials, and luckily […]

  • Speaking at IPC Spring edition 2009

    My upcoming conference schedule: IPC Spring edition – 25 to 27th of may 2009 – Berlin, Germany I’ll be doing a talk there titled: “PHPT: Lessons learned from PHP TestFest”. If you want to know the ins and outs of PHPT and testing PHP Core, this might be of interest to you. See you in […]

  • Setting up phpUnderControl

    On a regular basis, I get contacted by people who want to install phpUnderControl but don’t really know how to set up their projects and use the features provided by phpUnderControl completely. So, aside from providing a quick-and-easy setup guide for cruisecontrol and phpUnderControl, I’ll share the setup scripts I have here and hope it’s […]

  • Dutch PHP Conference 2009 dates!

    As ever, I’m excited for a new year, and with that comes a new year of PHP conferences. Last year, the Dutch PHP Conference really amazed me with their speakers, talks, organization and location. I got to know exciting new technologies, met a lot of new friends and got to see old friends again. Add […]

  • Seven Things – Tagged by Ivo

    To my surprise I got tagged by Ivo and while it is the cool thing to say that you don’t like these tagging memes, I’m going to accept this one with pleasure! Here are seven things you may not know about me: I actually started out as a linux system engineer after high school, but […]

  • Ibuildings announces ‘PHP Center of Expertise’

    Ibuildings, the PHP professionals, had another great announcement to make today. Being the innovative company they are, they announced the ‘PHP Center of Expertise’. Ibuildings has a lot of very talented, community-involved people working over there and they have a great way of interacting with that PHP community through support for user groups and organizing […]

  • Agile development with the Agilo for Scrum Trac plugin

    Trac is a well known issue tracking system with an integrated wiki, version control browser and more. It allows for a more streamlined development process with software tickets, changeset views and roadmaps. An excellent fit for helping with PHP application development, for example. Now, agile development has certainly proven its use in the PHP world, […]