Tag: 5.3

  • Standard core PHP 5.3 extensions

    When writing PHPT tests for PHP, it’s good practice to have a conditional –SKIPIF– block to see if the test can be skipped when some extension you’re testing isn’t available. With the PHP_5_3 CVS branch (the one you should be testing against), some new extensions can’t be disabled, so the –SKIPIF– block isn’t needed anymore. […]

  • __callStatic in PHP 5.3

    This is cool (and a feature I’ve been missing in past projects): being able to implement a __call method for static class methods. Like this: class Foo { public static function __callStatic($method, $args) { echo “Method $method has been called!” .PHP_EOL; echo “With following arguments: ” .implode(“, “, $args) .PHP_EOL; } } So you can […]