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  • Dutch PHP Conference 2009 dates!

    As ever, I’m excited for a new year, and with that comes a new year of PHP conferences. Last year, the Dutch PHP Conference really amazed me with their speakers, talks, organization and location. I got to know exciting new technologies, met a lot of new friends and got to see old friends again. Add […]

  • Dutch PHP Conference 2008, afterwards.

    I just got back from the Dutch PHP Conference at the RAI in Amsterdam, and I had a great time! The 2 days conference (organized by the great people of Ibuildings and Zend) in Amsterdam were packed with fun stuff, interesting talks and people, and a cool football match (although I’m totally not into sports […]

  • Fosdem 2008, afterwards.

    Been to fosdem 2008 yesterday, and generally speaking it was (again) very cool. I got the chance to meet with various interesting people, got around to attending only one talk (Unicoding and PHP 6) but it was definitely interesting to see some of the PHP 6 (and to some extent, PHP 5.3) unicoding goodies in […]

  • Dutch PHP Conference 2008

    All the cool geeks are going, so you better also be present! The conference website is released just today, and the dates are known. Mark your calendars for the 13 and 14th of june, and be part of the one and only Dutch PHP Conference, with an already very impressive speaker line-up! Don’t wait for […]

  • Fosdem 2008