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  • PHP TestFest 2008

    PHP.net has posted a nice overview of the PHP TestFest 2008 initiative, which aims to increase the PHP source code coverage through PHPT tests. Worldwide, the TestFest was carried out with different user groups, and of course the PHPBelgium and phpGG were also present. We arranged a meetup in Roosendaal earlier this year and with […]

  • Generating PHP test coverage and ccache

    Today I had a weird error while generating PHP code coverage for PHPT tests. If you’re writing PHP extensions, it’s quite common to use compiler caches like ccache. They cache compile results in a way that speeds up multiple compilation of the same source, something which happens quite a lot if you’re working on coding […]

  • Dutch PHP Conference 2008, afterwards.

    I just got back from the Dutch PHP Conference at the RAI in Amsterdam, and I had a great time! The 2 days conference (organized by the great people of Ibuildings and Zend) in Amsterdam were packed with fun stuff, interesting talks and people, and a cool football match (although I’m totally not into sports […]

  • EmPHPower for PHP

    I’ve been following Lukas‘ posts and news about EmPHPower for a while now, with great interest. To quote the mission statement: emPHPower is a mediator and catalyst that empowers members of the community to follow their own ideas This seems like a great initiative to me. Basically with the same views and motivations, we (Mike […]

  • Using DateInterval class in PHP

    DateInterval is (amongst others) a relatively new addition to the date extension in PHP 5.3. It allows to describe an interval in time, and you can perform actions with that interval. Basically, it allows to calculate with dates in a very easy way, and do even more fun stuff with it. Unfortunately no documentation exists […]

  • php|architect’s Guide to Enterprise PHP Development

    There’s a new book available for pre-order on the php|architect website, titled php|architect’s Guide to Enterprise PHP Development, by Ivo Jansch of Ibuildings. This book is great for anyone who’s interested in learning how to use PHP in an enterprise environment. It has every step on the way covered, such as planning, development tools, deployment […]

  • PHPT (testfest) writing resources

    The PHP TestFest month is almost over and we can already probably say it was quite a success. Of course it would be great if some of the test writers continue to occasionally write a new test or two, and for this occasion, I thought it would be handy to have a resource listing of […]

  • Standard core PHP 5.3 extensions

    When writing PHPT tests for PHP, it’s good practice to have a conditional –SKIPIF– block to see if the test can be skipped when some extension you’re testing isn’t available. With the PHP_5_3 CVS branch (the one you should be testing against), some new extensions can’t be disabled, so the –SKIPIF– block isn’t needed anymore. […]

  • Configuring PHP: --with-extension or --enable-extension?

    This is a small thing that got me wondering in the past but it wasn’t until recently, when I started picking up developing PHP extensions, that I wanted to know: when does one use –with-extension and when does one use –enable-extension? The answer is easy but you just have to remember ;-) –with-extension is used […]

  • Writing PHPT tests on your mac

    This is a short tutorial on how to set up a Mac with Mac OS X to prepare for writing PHPT tests. This preparation includes installing some extra software that enables you to checkout and compile the PHP_5_3 branch of the PHP source without problems. Furthermore we’ll install some tools that make it possible to […]